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Well guys, i’m back. After a long time of ban from the internet, am back. Back for more mazaa. Back for more entertainment. Will b postin regularly from now on. Cheers.


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The all new ducati DESMOSEDICI RR


Ducati launched the Desmosedici RR production prototype during the magical atmosphere of the 2006 Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. The dream of a real GP replica has finally come true as the Desmosedici RR will be the first ever road-going motorcycle to offer the stunning performance and technology taken directly from MotoGP. The RR is derived from the Ducati Corse Grand Prix racing Desmosedici GP6, the same bike which Loris Capirossi and Sete Gibernau have used to compete in the 2006 MotoGP World Championship.

The Mugello launch was the perfect occasion to reveal the shape and the technical characteristics with which the bike will arrive on the market, confirming the high technological features of this exclusive and esoteric machine.

The aerodynamic body design faithfully reflects the Desmosedici GP6. The colour scheme, components and materials used in its construction as well as the technical features of the powerful four-cylinder Desmodromic engine, built by the Borgo Panigale factory engineers, leave no doubts whatsoever: the Desmosedici RR is the ultimate road expression of the most extreme MotoGP racing machine today.

Having been possible to reserve the bike through the official Ducati dealer network since June 2nd 2006, the project is currently in the industrialisation phase and, as previously announced, will be a limited edition motorcycle. The RR is scheduled to arrive on the market in July 2007 with Ducati 999R owners receiving delivery priority.
This is the new frontier of Ducati’s technological evolution, a dream come true. Demonstrating once again the courage and the passion of Ducati as well as the ability to transfer the experience of the racing world to a machine that is destined for road use.


The Ducati Desmosedici RR features the most advanced technology and aerodynamics derived directly from the GP6 raced in the 2006 MotoGP World Championship. The engine of the Desmosedici RR accurately reflects that of the MotoGP bike. Ducati’s traditional Desmodromic system guarantees precise valve control at the very highest revs and is the perfect application for the 989cc, four titanium valves per cylinder, L-Four layout. This awesome powerplant, which is prepared in asymmetrical Twin Pulse configuration, is a masterwork of precision engineering.

The double overhead cams are gear driven, a sophisticated and reliable solution that enables precise valve timing in all conditions. This authentic copy of the GP engine is further endorsed by the use of a cassette type six-speed gearbox and hydraulically actuated dry multi-plate slipper clutch.

The aim of producing a light but robust engine has led not only to component design of an unrivalled quality, but also the use of exclusive racing-derived materials including sand-cast aluminium crankcase and cylinder heads, titanium connecting rods and valves and sand-cast magnesium engine covers.

A Magneti Marelli 5SM ECU and high-speed CAN line electronics have been employed for the highly sophisticated management required for the four 50mm Magneti Marelli throttle bodies and 12-hole ‘microjet’ injectors feeding the powerful four-cylinder engine.
An all-time ‘first’ comes with the use of a 4-2-1 exhaust system, with ‘vertical exit’ silencer, hidden in the tail-piece. These are the benchmark performance features for a MotoGP replica bike which is capable of delivering more than 200hp when used with the 102dB racing muffler and dedicated CPU race kit. Amazingly the Desmosedici RR with its catalytic oxygen sensor exhaust, homologated for road use, fully complies with Euro 3 emission regulations.


While the engine clearly represents the beating heart of this fantastic motorcycle, the technological advancements also extend to the chassis. The signature tubular Trellis hybrid frame and highly refined components are dressed in superb carbon fibre bodywork. This is a motorcycle that is destined for an expert rider, someone who is always looking for extreme sports performance in a product that is exclusive, reliable and more than capable of track racing.

The colour scheme of the Desmosedici RR was the work of Alan Jenkins, the designer and one of the many people behind the Desmosedici MotoGP project. He is also responsible for the aerodynamics package which is aimed at achieving maximum speed while ensuring excellent stability. Although totally inspired by the Ducati Desmosedici GP6, from which it inherits its aggressiven lines, the RR will be fitted with the latest lightweight multifunction dashboard, developed in collaboration with Ducati Corse for next year’s racing machine, the Desmosedici GP7.

The bike’s development could not have been made possible without the significant collaboration of Vittoriano Guareschi, the official Ducati Corse tester, whose riding ability and hundreds of hours of track time have made a fundamental contribution to the evolution of the project.

For the first time the Ducati Desmosedici RR uses a new welded tubular steel Trellis hybrid frame (ALS 450) with the same frame geometry as that of the Desmosedici GP6. This construction guarantees an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, allowing superior manoevrability and riding precision. Attached to the red frame is the rear subframe in high temperature resin type carbon fibre. This material, normally used only on race bikes, has the characteristic of being extremely lightweight but exceptionally rigid.
The Desmosedici RR sports a new extra-long, cast, forged and pressed aluminium alloy swingarm. The geometry and the technology of this component derive directly from the MotoGP bike and gives the RR high levels of traction, control, and excellent weight distribution as well as a superb stiffness to weight ratio.

In the suspension department the Ducati Desmosedici RR features the most advanced technical components. The rear suspension geometry and layout is the same as that of the GP6, with the rear shock attached to a rocker which pivots on the crankcase.

The front suspension features 43mm upside-down Öhlins FG353 pressurised forks (PFF), with TiN coated sliders. The forks, which come directly from competition use, are fully adjustable in preload, rebound and compression. The rear shock is also Öhlins and has rebound, low and high speed compression and hydraulic preload adjustment.

Also for the first time ever, this Ducati production motorcycle features Marchesini forged and machined magnesium alloy wheels, with 7-spoke design as on the GP6. This enhances the handling and improves suspension response by reducing unsprung weight and inertia.

With the aim of producing the ultimate track performance, Ducati in collaboration with the Japanese tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone, have developed special tyres for the Desmosedici RR with a dedicated tread pattern, construction and profile.

The racing components used on this high-performance machine also include its Brembo brakes. Up front, the Desmosedici RR features a new pair of radial ‘Monobloc’ calipers with four 34mm pistons. Monobloc technology, until now only used for racing, creates a much stiffer caliper thus improving the braking response. The front brake system is completed by a radial master cylinder with a race-style articulated lever and remote ‘quick’ adjuster. The front brake discs are the same as those used on the GP6 in its ‘wet weather’ race set-up, two semi-floating 320mm x 6mm discs with machined flange, while the Brembo rear brakes consist of a 240mm fixed disc and a caliper with two 34mm pistons.

Heard what ducati has to say about the desomosedici? Thats right folks, the gad between a conventional motoGP bike and a superbike is getting bridged and narrowed to a remarkable extent. And guess what the Desmosedici RR is a motoGP bike for sale.

The difference between a Desmosedici RR and any motoGP bike is that the motoGP bikes run on methanol while the Desmosedici RR runs on gasoline or simply petrol. Thats right, apart for the fuel it uses there is absolutely no difference between a Desmosedici RR and a motoGP bike 😉 . Isnt that awesome folks.

There are some previlages that ducati offers anyone who owns a Desmosedici RR. Ducati does wanna sell there product and forget about it. They go after the customer and takes care of his bike absolutely free for two years. Also the owner gets a free membership on some motoGP tracks. He can both ride his Desmosedici RR on that track and he gets to see all the motoGP races taking place on that track. WOW! That simply cool isnt it :D.

Now who all wanna buy a Desmosedici RR?

I’m afraid it wont be that easy. Just like the Bugati Veyron, u need to be worthy enuff to buy something like that. If am right, ducati wont be selling you there Desmosedici RR if u dont have a reputed past and a famous family background plus, u need to be worthy for the bike. You may be wondering why right? Thats because, ducati does wanna sell their Desmosedici and make profit out of it. They manufactured that bike to be a collectors item and to be a collector, u need to be worthy of it. Thats all.

The ducati Desmosedici RR will be launched in 2007. Lets cross our fingers n hope that team ducati changes their mind n make the Desmosedici RR a convention superbike that anyone can buy.


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My new ride.

Well guys, am happy to inform you that i’ve booked my newest ride, the all new Bajaj Pulsar180 UG3. Thanks to my mom n dad, i’ll be gettin my new bike in about a week. Isnt that great?

To talk about the bike, its a 180cc, 16.5bhp, air cooled 4-stroke bike just like the ordinary pulsar 180. You may be wondering why I called it a Pulsar180 UG3. Lemme explain. Waht i mean by UG3 is this pulsar is the 3rd upgrade of the pulsar 180. It has got a wolf eyed head light assembly, LCD tail lamb and a fully digital speedo meter with an analog tachometer (this is what i love the most in that bike and this is the only reason why i wanted to buy a pulsar 180 rather than a CBZ extreme or even Karizma). Theres one more reason why i din got for a Hero Honda Karizma and thats the price. 80k on road! Well, its way above my budget. Even P180 was outta my budget but i managed to convince my parents that pulsar was worth it.

To be frank guys, a new bike was my dreamfor a long time. I had been dreaming since i knew what bikes are. Since theres no fare for dreaming, i wanted to own a Yamaha YZF-R1. Its a monstrous bike with a 998cc, 172bhp, liquid cooled 4 cylinder inline engine. Thats a hell of a lot power, something worth dreaming. It has got a 6-speed gear box and a top speed of 320 kmph. WOW! 320kmph. Ever dreamt of reaching such a high speed on two wheels? At that kinda speed, in that kinda bike, u r a god of the road. A stock Lamborgini Gallardo would find it difficult to keep up with you if u r on a stock Yamaha YZF-R1. Dunno if i can lay my hands on such a bike in this life. I’ll have to win a bumber lotto of a crore to buy n maintain such a bike be it in India or anwhere else. But i can afford a pulsar 180 without even winnin a chota lotto and be a small god on Indian roads :D.

Thus am gonna get myself a new Bajaj Pulsar180 UG3. Am impatiently waiting to lay my hands on the beast!

Bajaj Pulsar180 UG3

The all New Bajaj Pulsar180 UG3, my new bike! 😉

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DHOOM 2: Flop of the millenium.

DHOOM 2, a Yash Raj film starring

Hrithik Roshan,

Aishwarya Rai,

Abhishek Bachchan,

Bipasha Basu, and

Uday Chopra.

This bloody idiotic film sucks BIG TIME. A pure waste of time, money and talent. DHOOM got it fame coz of the bikes in the film and in DHOOM 2, there is no bike. Maybe one or two at the end of the film. Thats all. Thewhole film is full of body show with music. No story, no bikes, no good stunts nothing. A film made for the sake of making a film. So ppl, all i have to say is never see this film. Donate the money to some beggers. They might me able to find some food with that money. Dont spend the money by seeing that stupid film. Please do some social service and the oney to the needy.

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“vplay.in”-click, listen and enjoy











Now there is live radio on the net! The net is slowly transforming into a complete work cum leisure space. And look, it’s youngsters who are reaping all the benefits. The Internet has revolutionised the way they go about life these days. From mailing to chatting to scrapping, the Net has opened up a brave new world where you can search, shout, discuss, share and listen! And more youngsters are getting involved in the industry that keeps the net running 24X7.

New technology

www.vplay.in, launched recently by four enterprising students from Sri Chitra Tirunal college of Engineering, enables net users to turn on a live radio streamed from the net while they go about their usual business. This online service comes absolutely free and does not entail any programme installation. A new technology called `showcast streaming’ is the powerhouse behind vplay.

Vibrant, fresh and quality music is delivered to your desktop, with the help of any media player that you might have.

Hari Gopal, Sreekanth G, Vishnu M.K. and Arjun R, the brains behind vplay, are second-year students at SCT. All of them have been thinking computers since long.

“No songs are actually downloaded; hence we strictly do not encourage copyright infringement,” claims Hari. Apparently the site requires you to download only a play sequence file that instructs the computer how to connect to the media server from where the music is streamed live from a licensed music player.

Arjun who is doing a few publicity rounds for the service in orkut says the scheduler for vplay is well-balanced. “Hindi classics, new Hindi and Malayalam hits, evergreen Tamil number, devotional, all-time favourites… the list is endless. The schedule is available by clicking on the schedule tab on the homepage of the site,” says Arjun.

Arjun and Hari’s camaderie go back to the time when they were students in Loyola School while Sreekanth and Vishnu are college mates. Vplay has a lucid punch line. It goes `click, listen and enjoy.’ Like how the car radio enhanced driving pleasure net radio is all set to refurbish your cyber escapades.


The above article was published in the Metro Plus supplement of The HINDU newspaper dated 18th Nov, 2006.

As stated in the article, vplay.in is a free online radio service brought to u by the Venolus Technologies Pvt Ltd. Its absolutely free. No money, no hazzles. All u have to do is to download our directive file, open it with ur favourite player and enjoy music 24×7. We have got all sorts of songs- hip hop, devotional, rap, rock, u name it. If you want any particular song or u have any suggestions, complaints,etc , feel free to mail us at info@vpaly.in

Listen to vplay.in. Just CLICK, LISTEN and ENJOY!



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XBHPian at last…….

Well guys, i really do wanna let you know that i am an XBHPian at last! Being a XBHPian really is awesome. Really.

You might have heard that a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade is in town. Thats right that beauty belongs to a XBHPian. To be a part of that community really feels good. XBHP was conducting a GIR, the Great Indian Road Trip which was being held from August 15 to December 5th. They were in kovalam on Nov 6th which was a part of the GIR. Four guys, four bikes and a pickup. The bikes were a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, a Kinetic Hyosung Comet and two Kinetic Blaze. Those guys came to kovalam. A few of my friends and myself went to meet them. Then the long awaited moment came. Me facing a Honda CBR. It was too good to be true and i was in some trance. I was afraid to touch the beauty. It was a fabulous treat for my eyes and i enjoyed it to the maximum. My god! They came to my college (Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering, Pappanamcode, TVM) on Nov 8th which was unbeleivable. I guess it was my influence that they came to my college :P. Neway, it was overwhelming and i became a XBHPian that day itself!

Now i am a proud XBHPian and i dream to own a CBR or any other Superbike one day.

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Ragged by “frenz”…

Yup thats rite folks, i was ragged by my own frenz from another college. Dont feel sorry coz those guys where shivering wen i told them i am an SCTian. he he.

On 11th of october, i went with some of my friends from LBS College of Engineering, Kasargod, to invite some of the engineering and medical colleges here in Trivandrum. First we went to the Trivandrum Medical College. We had to wait in front of the principals office for qute some time and still we couldn meet her. So we decided to meet the fine arts secretary. He too asn available. So we contacted him through fone, invited the college and set out for the next college.

Next we went to University College of Engineering, Kariavattom. We went into the college and asked for the fine arts secretary. They staff of the college are pretty efficient i should say. They contacted the secretary and he came to meet us. All these happened pretty fast. We invited their college and all these took only about 10 minutes in UCK whereas we had to spend more than an hour in the medical college.

Things were pretty smooth till then. Now the fun starts.

Next we decided to go to Marian Engineering College, Kazhakootam. We were sure about the exact location of the college and so we missed the college and reached Attingal. Thanks to the SFI of LBS college, we had to invite the Government Engineering College, Attingal. So we went there. A strike was called in the college and the students were leaving home. A few students were lingering in and around the college to rag the poor newbies. When we came into the college they thought that we were juniors too. While we were waiting in front of the principals office, a few of the seniors of that college called (their intention was to rag us which was obvious). As we were running short of time and we had three more colleges to invite before four in the evening (the time was 11), we told them we were from another college (to be frank i wanted to be their show stopper but was helpless). They said sorry. We invited their college and set out to our next destination.

We went to Marian College. One of my friend is studying in that college. Thanks to him, we met the principal without much delay. The principal directed as to another staff member of that college who was taking care of the arts section. While we were goin to meet her, some of the seniors caught me. I asked the others to move on while i take care of the situation. The went on. The seniors started ragging me. They asked my name and the place where i come from. I told them. Then they asked me to sit down. I sat down on a stone bench. Then they started ragging me starting on the way i sat. They showed me different sitting positions. Laughing inside and acting like i was scared to death outside i sat in all the ways they ased me to. After a while they started shouting and this made me angry. Seeing my anger they too got angry. Then like a huge bomb i broke the suspense. I told them,” Am from SCT College of Engineering, S3, Auto.” This was a huge shock. All were standing  as if they had seen a ghost. Then they began to say sorry and all such stuff. I was rolling on the ground laughing. Then my frenz came. I said goodbye and we left.

Then we went to Lourdes Matha College of Engineering, Kuttichal. We weren able to invite the PMS Dental College as it was past 4:30. We went home cherishing the memories of getting ragged and you should have seen the look in their faces (those seniors) 😀

This was  an astonishing andthe most funny incident that ever happened to me. Still it makes me laugh………..

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SCT rock’d DHWANI !!

Hey u guys, did you come for dhwani, the inter collegiate arts fest comducted by the College of Engineering TVM? Dont tell me u guys din coz u’ve missed something. Something cool. The group dance competition. It was simply awesome n SCT simply rock’d the event. Man, it was awesome. Their dance for the theme music of roja. It was simply superb.

The SCT dance team comprising of Anoop Puthran (guess his names rite 😉 ), Georgina, Lijo, Jithin, n others were simply marvellous. They simply rock’d the whole event. Iwanted to dance too. Not only me but the whole SCT was literally dancing. Why SCT, the whole CET were dancing. We cheered n danced n made the dance fantastic!

Hari n I returned home by 10. At Ulloor, we saw some of our S3 kidillam of SCT namely Gokul, Shambu, Arun, Sreenath. On reachin kesavadasapuram, we all were so thrilled that we decided to race! Hari n me on a Uni, Gokul n Shambu on a P150 n the rest on a P180. Man! Hari was riding. He raised the speed to about 80-90kmph but the rest were p’s were accelarating. Hari was a bit scared to race i guess so he slowed down. But the others simply raced n sped off waving good bye! Yesterday was simply awesome guys. It simply ROCK’D!!!

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Nature is furious at last!!!

At last, nature is furious. Oh yeah, she really is. My goodness, can the rain fall down 24 hrs a day? Unfortunately it is possible.

From yesterday, the intensity of rainfall has been steadily increasing. Today, it fell for the whole day, somethimes heavily, sometime drizzling. But the rain was present round the clock. It rained so heavily n treacherously that east fort is practically under water. Schools n professional colleges has been given half day holiday today n maybe tomorrow too. (That was pretty good. Half day holiday. Holidays  are awesome 😉 ). But how can it rain for a whole day?

Nature has been acting pretty strangely for a while. Raining in ‘chingam’ (malayala month in which onam come) is strange. It usually doesn’t rain heavily.  A small drizzle all there is. But this year it rained heavily during ‘chingam’ and its raining much more heavily in ‘kanni’. This is strange.

Guess nature is really angry with humans for all the pollution that they’ve caused. Because of pollution, theres the fear of ozone layer depletion and global warming which can lead to the end of all life forms on earth. Beacuse of these stupid humans, all living organisms are suffering. Ozone layer depletion is helping the entry of harmful ultraviolet rays to the earths surface. These rays are capable of causing various knids of cancer and other diseases. The increased use of pesticides have caused the pollution of water bodies n land leading to the death of millions of aquatic life and other minute organisms. The harmful emissions thrown into the atmosphere (causing air pollution) are polluting even rain water (considered to be the purest form of water). The rain water falling down are highly acidic now a days n this causes the death of many plant life.

Dirty humans. To enjoy a lot of comforts in life, they are endangering the life of all the other forms of life. This simply proves that mother nature has got all the right to get furious. Not only east fort but whole of trivandrum would have been under water if ihad the power that nature holds (somebody else take the responsibilities :-P).

I have a small request to mother nature. Punish all the human beings (except me 😉 ) for all their sins. Take away their previlage to live on this planet. Let them find some other place to live in. But allow me to stay here n enjoy all the comforts of life. I cant live without a TV, PC (with net) and my bike. Ofcourse food, clothin and shelter. Make earth a peaceful place for me to live in. He he :-D.

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Hello folks!!!

Name: Vishnu M Kurup

Age: 20

Address: “Vaishnavam”, Nettayam, Trivandrum

Phone number: 9846931721

Status: Single

Occupation: Student

College: Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering, Pappanamcode, Trivandrum

Branch: Mechanical Automobile (6th semester)

U guys wondering wat it is? Thats my personal info dude. Nice introduction na. I know i know am the best ;-). Newayz it nice to meet all u guys. Here I start my own blog. Njoy ur stay here 🙂

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